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  • Foreign trade sales

    Department:Sales Persons: 6-8 Education: College or above Add: Huizhou Treatment: 3500-4000, Commission 2%-3%


    22-40 years old, gender is not limited, experience is not limited.
    Diploma in college or above, English 4 or above, good listening, strong oral expression and language organization ability, positive, enthusiastic sunshine, strong sense of responsibility, obeying arrangements, obeying management.
    E-commerce, international trade, business English, mechanical and electronic professional, love or keen on foreign trade sales industry personnel priority.


    There is a one-month factory internship period before entering the company. I am familiar with and understand the company culture, products and services. After the internship period, Jiangbei Kaisa CBD office works in the urban area.
    The company provides a large number of foreign exhibition opportunities every year.
    During the internship period of the factory, 3000/month, including accommodation and food (eat, live in the factory), after the trial period, the company purchases social security in a unified manner.
    At the end of the internship, the basic salary and commission are all stepped ~ basic salary 3500-4000, commission 2% -3%, do not eat, live (subsidized accommodation), 5 days and 8 hours.
    Benefits: The company holds a birthday party for the birthday of the month.
    Annual Mid-Autumn Evening Party, Spring Festival Evening, and various events from time to time.
    National statutory major festival company distributes relevant holiday gifts.
    The department's performance highlights the company's rewards: organizing domestic tours or foreign tours (rewarding outstanding individuals).

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  • Financial Accounting

    Department:Finance department Persons: 1 Education: Economics high school (secondary school) or above Add: Dongguan Treatment: Negotiable


    With more than 2 years of accounting experience, it can handle accounting in a comprehensive manner, and industrial accounting experience is preferred;
    Proficiency in Office software, practical work, teamwork spirit, strong communication, understanding and analysis skills.
    Locals are preferred and the treatment is excellent.


    Female, 18-40 years old

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  • Draftsman

    Department:Department of Design Persons: Several names Education: Technical secondary school degree or above Add: Dongguan Treatment: Negotiable


    Proficiency in the use of CAD and other software, experience in mechanical drawing is preferred, and the treatment is excellent.
    The company implements a five-day, eight-hour system, including food and accommodation, and buys social security. Good food, good accommodation, welcome to join!


    Male, 18-40 years old

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    Contact department

    Miss Luo: 86-1316788399
    Miss Wang: 86-18129578869
    Recruitment Email: sales@gdyangxin.com
    Add: Kaisa T2 2001, Jiangbei, Huizhou