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2018 Yangxin injection molding machine Qingming Festival holiday notice

Time: 2018-04-02 15:53:00 Views:
First, the clearing holiday schedule is as follows: from April 5 (Thursday) - 7 (Saturday) holiday, a total of 3 days. Go to work on April 8 (Sunday).
Second, please ask the departments to arrange the work in advance according to the holiday time, do the logistics support during the holiday period, and arrange the staff to be on duty regularly.
Third, do a good job in security inspections. Conduct safety inspections on the main office with fire prevention and anti-theft as the main content to ensure the safety of key parts such as warehouses, office electrical equipment, and computer rooms. All units must carefully clean up the documents and materials, keep important documents in good condition, and put valuables in a safe place to prevent theft. The finance department must ensure the safety and stability of important facilities such as safes. Ensure the closing and closing of the doors and windows, and the responsible person of the department is in place.
4. During the holidays, the accidents will occur frequently. Employees who return home during the holiday season should pay attention to the journey and personal safety. Please return to the company on time after the holiday.
The company wishes all employees a good holiday and good luck!  
Administration Department
April 02, 2018